Many people hear the word “refinancing” and run for the hills. Contrary to what many think, it’s actually not always a negative thing. By refinancing, you could potentially save thousands upon thousands of dollars.

One decision. A lifetime of savings.

In Australia today, lenders are constantly trying to outdo one another to attract more customers and sharpen their pencils, especially if they think there’s a chance of losing a customer. In other words, there’s no better time than now to re-look at what you’re paying for your mortgage, and see if there is any opportunity for you to cut corners and save, save, save.

Unfortunately, there’s a harsh reality every homeowner needs to accept: Banks do NOT reward clients for their loyalty. If you thought your loyalty to your bank was indeed saving you money, you thought wrong. Sure, clever advertising gives bankers the impression that they’re getting a better deal by sticking with them, but unfortunately, blind loyalty could see you losing more money. Refinancing will help you save more, and failure to switch could mean failure to save.

Did you know that close to 25% of Australians keep their mortgage with the same bank they used as child? Stubbornness when it comes to switching could be costing you thousands. Loyal homeowners pay an average of 4.5% interest, when compared with the 4.3% paid by homeowners who make the smart choice to move to a new lender. Don’t forget: Australian banks do NOT reward loyalty, and the only way to start saving is to start switching.

Maybe you want a more attractive deal, or wish to use your equity to your advantage. Regardless, we at Defence Finance know how to help our valued clients get the most bang for their buck. There’s nothing to lose. We can assist Australians, from Perth to Sydney, Darwin to Hobart – you name it – to unlock a better mortgage rate.

Better Cash Flow

Refinancing is a smart way to maximize your cash-flow. Nobody likes being in debt, after all. Imagine being able to reset that home-loan clock, drop your interest rate and minimize your monthly payments. A fantastic way to get started is to use our calculator to discover roughly how much you can save by refinancing. Remember that your cash flow is one of the most important pieces of your financial puzzle. You need to understand where your money’s coming from, where it’s going, and how to keep it all under control. If you’re not able to pay off your debt faster, you can refinance your loan – should you qualify – enjoying a lower interest rate and lower monthly payments.

Cash out

Have you considered using your home’s equity to get finance and secured rates? You can use your equity to do any of the following:

  • Home Improvements/Renovations
  • Consolidate Debt
  • “Cash Out” for personal requirements
  • Lower your Monthly Repayments
  • Get a Better Interest Rate
  • Buy a New Car
  • Purchase Another Property for Investment
  • Switch from a Fixed to a Variable Interest Rate, Or Vice Versa

Eliminate Debt Faster

Looking for a better rate? Want to pay off your home loan faster and declare yourself debt-free sooner rather than later? Refinancing is a fantastic way to do so. When refinancing, we can structure your loans and monthly repayments to meet your evolving financial goals – such as lower repayments for improved cash-flow, or higher repayments for expedited debt freedom. The only way to find out for sure is to contact your Wealth Management Specialist today.

Give us a call today.

At the end of the day, refinancing really has some perks that could be too attractive to pass up. Maybe you don’t want to change lenders, because you don’t think it’s worth the hassle. Perhaps you think it will take up too much of your time. With Defence Finance, it won’t. We have streamlined the entire process to make everything as painless as possible for you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at any time to discover more. We’re ready to spend the time interacting with lenders, so you don’t have to.