Integration of Rental Statements

How integrated rent statements work

Before you begin, if you do not have a property manager yet, you might want to request one. You may do so in the Management tab of the selected property.

Here is how integrated rent statements work in your wealth portal:

  1. Your property manager sends your rent statement email to both and your wealth portal email address.

Recommendations for linking rent statements
For rent statements to be linked, your property manager must ensure the following:

Your account email address is in the FROM, TO or CC field of the email which is sent to


An alternate email address is in the FROMTO or CC field of the email which is sent to (An email from the alternate address authorising statements to be attached to your account should have been sent beforehand to

For most people, having the manager include in the TO field is the easiest way to do it – most software will permit multiple addresses separated by, or;

If this option is unavailable, sending them from your email inbox will also work.

  • Upon receipt, the system looks for PDF attachments, parses them and recognises them as a statement. The following information is extracted:
    1. Which property the statement is for
    2. the payment amount made to the owner (net amount received by the owner)
    3. The date that the payment was made
      This information is used to identify the transaction in the mycashflow
  • Once that transaction has been identified, the following action will then be taken:
    1. The statement is attached to the property under the rent statements tab
    2. The transaction is tax tagged as belonging to the property. When you filter to find transactions for that property it will then be included.
    3. The statement is also attached to the transaction under the documents tab.


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