Guest access explained

Guest access is a handy way to configure and keep track of assets shared with a spouse or relative, for example. Shared assets and ownership can then be viewed in mywealth. This article will explain the concept of Guest access and how you may utilise it.

Part 1: Inviting guests to your portal

You must first add your team member and determine the type of access the individual has (See “Creating a team with Guest access and without Guest access”)

Your guest will be able to log-in and see the shared assets in your account.

  1. If the guest does not have a wealth portal, he/she will receive an email with a link to create a log-in for a restricted view (based on reading/write permissions) of your account where he/she can view the shared assets.
  2. If the guest already has a wealth portal, he/she will be able to log-in and toggle between his/her own account and a restricted view of your account through a “Switch” button that will appear in the top right-hand corner.

The locked settings icon above indicates that you don’t have access to that account’s settings

Part 2: Set-up and view shared assets

1. In the mywealth tab, select the wealth item that you would like to share with your team member

2. In the details tab, click on the arrows to toggle through to the pages until you see the field entitled owners

3.Select edit.

4. You will be prompted to add owners to the wealth item and determine the percentage of ownership for each individual.

5. Remember to save the changes that you have made.

You will now also be able to filter the wealth items in your mywealth tab to show items belonging to a specific team member. Simply click on the filter button in the top left-hand corner, select the assets you would like to view and click on apply.

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